It all began with cookies

I have been asked numerous times how I got started selling homemade, hand-decorated cookies. Here’s the story behind Shortycakes…

Being a Type-A personality, a creative, stress-free hobby was needed to stay sane. I started in ceramics, ending 5 years and numerous chachkis-that-I-didn’t-have-room-for later.

After receiving a cookie arrangement gift it hit me, I could decorate cookies like these; they’re like edible ceramics with only crumbs left over instead of boxes of ashtrays and various holiday themed decorations collecting dust and using up valuable attic space! Thus began my entry into the cookie baking sphere.

After making cookies for friends and family, they started telling me I should sell them. So my brother and I decided on the name and he got me up and running with the technical stuff. Shortycake Creations was official!

Fast forward a few years and Cupcakes, Push Pop Cakes, and Cakes were added!

I love knowing that people get pleasure and comfort from my creations and never have to worry about where to store them!

Sending comfort your way,
aka “Shortycake”

Published on November 10, 2009 at 4:31 pm  Leave a Comment  

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