>August & September Cookie Theme Contest


Let the Holiday withdrawal begin. August and September are 2 months that I draw a blank for cookie ideas! So I decided to let you pick the themes!

The chosen themes and winner will be announced July 31, 2010.

One winner will be randomly drawn from all entries to receive 1 Free Dozen of one of the new themed cookies-winner’s choice of which theme and month-August or September-to receive them in! Here’s how to participate:

Leave your theme idea in a comment on this post. That’ll get you 1 entry. This is the mandatory entry. Once you do this, you can then earn more entries by doing the following:

  • Become a Google Friend Connect Follower: 1 entry
  • Refer a friend to participate in the contest: Just have your friend(s) reference your name in their comment post with their theme idea.: 1 entry per friend
  • Become a Google Friend Connect Follower on my other blog The Mom Standard: 2 entries


Last day for idea submission & contest entry: July 29th!

I’m looking forward to your ideas!
–Shortycake (aka KimD)

p.s.: if you are already a follower of Shortycake.com you automatically have one entry, but you still need to submit a theme idea comment post to have your entry included in the contest.


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  1. >Ok, I'm thinking sunshine cookies for August & for September – back to school, so maybe apples or schoolhouses. Kid friendly themes indeed.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. >OK…here is my 4th attempt to enter my idea! I don't know about September yet…but August always signifies BACK TO SCHOOL (WORK) to me! I think it would be super cute if you put together a school supply "kit" of cookies. Each cookie could be a different school supply. Pencil, crayon, scissors, etc. I know that I would definitely buy a "kit" to share with my co-workers!

  4. >Great Ideas!

  5. >I love Emily's idea…put my apple cookie in the kit. =) I would buy a kit as a "hello. Nice to meet you," for Gracie's new teacher. For August…how about a set of pool toys – floaties, duckies, rubber rafts & rings…sounds like a bunch of fun I'd say. =)

  6. >backpacks, pencils, glue, scissors, school bus for septemberglasses of lemonade, jars with fireflies, bathing suits for august

  7. >Football themed cookies or princess themed cookies:)jmatek@wi.rr.com

  8. >following on GFC:)(julie)jmatek@wi.rr.com

  9. >following the mom standard thru GFC:) ENTRY 1jmatek@wi.rr.com

  10. >following the mom standard thru GFC:) ENTRY 2jmatek@wi.rr.com

  11. >Great ideas Julie! And thanks for the follows!

  12. >For August I'd like lake themed cookies, sunshine, water, canoes, barefeet, lightning bugs, watermelon, etccouponboss at gmail dot com

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